Service One Alliance creates, implements and maintains a very comprehensive range of ICT services.  This enables us to accompany our clients throughout the whole lifecycle of their projects, from the initial audit, through the design and implementation of the solution selected, and to the exploitation, training of the team & maintenance.


Service One Alliance sets its mind on complying with your corporate culture, business processes, organization and existing ICT environment. Strong of our local presence and thorough knowledge of a variety of industries where we operate, we appropriately support management teams in evaluating, preparing and bringing new ideas to life. We work hand in hand with you to define your ICT strategy and optimize the acquisition of hardware and software components, and to design customized solutions from the technical, human and budgetary constraints of your company.


When the appropriate resources are selected thanks to our strong relationships with 50+ leading international technology vendors, and when the project design is accepted, Service One Alliance will be involved throughout the development of the ICT network infrastructure. Our competencies for that matter were validated several times by the leading vendors through certifications such as the Cisco Gold Certification possessed by all members, and through the accreditations a lot of our engineers received.



Service One Alliance knows that evolution is continuous in ICT and must be accepted and mastered to make your ICT solutions sustainable. We offer a range of services which extends the lifespan of resources and increases the advantages of your ICT infrastructure.

A Service Level Agreement spells out the level of quality that applies to support, training and maintenance services provided by Service One Alliance. Each contract is specific to a customer, his sector and his constraints. Yet, they all pursue a common purpose: outsource to SOA all network monitoring operations. This is achieved with confidence since customers benefit from a regular reporting that give them power over their infrastructure.


Service One Alliance offers plenty of solutions thanks to our many partnerships with vendors. These solutions are often hybrid, capable of being deployed either on the client’s own site or delivered through a “Solution as a Service” model. We achieve this by investing in outstanding talents and teams that develop imaginative and turnkey/end-to-end offers,  with a view to helping clients achieve their goals and elevate their performances.


Service One Alliance helps organizations use & benefit from their available data: customer, KPIs, financials and other data provide powerful information. With our business analytics solutions and expertise, organizations boost business profitability, manage risk and make the best of their corporate systems, people’s productivity and business processes. The user-friendly applications can be made available on any device, anytime, anywhere, to save important time in arbitrage, and drive up the overall efficiencies of your company.

To respond to the augmentation of demand-based cost structures, fast up and downscaling of IT resources, extensive network access across devices and geography…, Service One Alliance accompanies organizations in deploying efficient and secure cloud solutions that match their unique organization, as each business model implies a  business case of its own. Our deployment models for cloud solutions include private, public & hybrid cloud.

The convergent infrastructure accompanied by next-generation datacenters is a solid alternative to siloed architectures, making them available to support all business applications. To ensure business continuity and strong responsiveness, Service One Alliance designs flexible infrastructures,  to promote satisfaction among users and adapt to business development.


Strong of its market-proven experience in maintaining and operating telecommunication networks, Service One Alliance provides competitive turnkey solutions that deliver first-rate performances to customers’ telecommunication infrastructure. Indoor, as well as outdoor, the safety of the network is ensured through the designing of the infrastructure. Our local maintenance teams are very skilled and reactive to any trouble.



The enterprise network is the communications lifeline that links employees, customers and partners, and is the vital key to any business process. Each organization has its particularities, but all of them need a user-friendly network that is always ready. As employees get more and more mobile, the network has to support secured, seamless and top performances when away, to let employees work remotely or enable videoconferencing as a replacement to face-to-face meetings. Service One Alliance accompanies your company at each step of the network infrastructure lifecycle.


Service One Alliance adresses companies that intend to offer flexibility and efficiency to their staff, clients and partners, by providing a digital & user-friendly interface to the enterprise network. We cover solutions as miscellaneous as audiovisual, collaborative solutions, mobility solutions, IP telephony, videoconferencing, presence, status, webex, instant messaging, content sharing,… This is achieved through scalable architectures that offer a simple, user-friendly and highly secured access to all features, for both onsite and remote employees.